Seventy-five years ago, with gravel mining in mind, J.F. Burns II bought his first piece of industrial property in Alberta. Our family has been working ever since to make the most of the land we’ve had the privilege of developing—first as gravel mining operations and now by carefully redeveloping much of it into new residential, commercial and parkland spaces.

BURNSWEST is a family owned business that has been built over four generations in Calgary and surrounding area.

The very first Alberta business was started in 1912 by James F. Burns, as a concrete and excavating operation, under the name J. F. Burns. James used a horse-drawn dump-wagon to haul sand and gravel to various job sites and mixed concrete by hand to support Calgary’s early development. In 1946, he sold the business to his son, (J.F. Burns II), after claiming that, since his files would "no longer fit in the glove compartment" of his Studebaker, it was time to move on. This led to several other businesses started by J.F. Burns II(J. F. Burns Sand & Gravel, True-Mix Concrete, South Side Concrete Mix, Pioneer Paving and BURNCO Industries) with his first gravel property purchased in 1946. In 1975, J.F. Burns III purchased the family business and started to acquire more properties thereafter, which were more recently acquired by fourth generation, Jeff Burns and his family. These now make up the base of the BURNSWEST property holdings.

Today, BURNSWEST is run by Jim Burns and Jeff Burns' management group. BURNSWEST oversees the reclamation and redevelopment of gravel lands to ensure they can be utilized and enjoyed for generations to come. Enabling the land to take a new course enhances its value and allows for exciting, new uses. In fact, that first land, purchased in 1946, was first mined for gravel and then housed a concrete plant and the head offices for JF Burns Sand & Gravel and Pioneer Paving. It now houses our Highfield 1 and Highfield 2 industrial buildings which are leased out to various local businesses. (see Space for Lease for current info.)

Your future is our foundation.

The BURNSWEST mandate has now shifted to developer and manager of land and property holdings in which businesses and residents can thrive. We take great pride in our ability to transform land in useable ways for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. Our plans encompass long term land use and much care and attention goes into every detail of our developments.

Examples of Our Commitment to Preserving Nature